Asshole Gives Wife’s Burberry Scarf To His Side Piece; She Makes A GoFundMe For A New One

Another day, another bastard fuckboy cheating on his wife, amiright? I mean, wtf did us women do to deserve this? The existence of life sits in our hands (or vaginas if you wanna get technical) and guys cant keep their shit in their pants. It blows and it happens all the fucking time. So when I read that this chick Heathers husband, who she has EIGHT fucking kids with, screwed the neighbor, I was annoyed but not all that surprised. But when I read he gave Heathers Burberry scarf to said mistress, I was heated. You cheap motherfucker.

Luckily Heather aint no basic nicegirl whiny betch and left his ass and got a fire new job. You go, Glen Coco. Plus, she has the worlds coolest adult girl squad. Once realizing her SOB ex gave her scarf to his sidepiece, they set her up a GoFundMe page so she can go buy herself another one. Lol, k. Im all for her getting a new scarf and I know that shit isnt cheap, but like, arent GoFundMe pages meant more for people who lost their jobs or have a terminal illness and cant pay their medical bills? This seems a little frivolous, no?

But whatevs. They asked for $500 and have gotten over $5,000 so I guess avenging a cheating asshole is a cause we can all get behind.

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