Adorable Pallet Fence Comes Complete With Thriving Bee Hotel

Fences rarely last forever.

When Instructables user hboom‘s backyard fence began looking worse for wear, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She would give her old fence a face-lift, complete with a few new, adorable details.

Thisupcycler repurposed old beams and pallet wood for her project, conserving costs, while still achieving hercharming intention.

One by one, she attached each board into place, careful to maintain a consistent height across the entire structure.

With her fence together, she suddenly saw new opportunity to decorate.

This creative builder decided to use her new fence as a canvas,upon which she would curate adorable backyard accessories.

Along with a few colorful flower boxes, this DIY-er built a few bee hotels out of leftover wooden scraps, to give her local buzzing pollinators a cute and welcoming little resting place.

Keep scrolling through our gallery to learn more about how this DIY built hernew, one-of-a-kind fence.


When Instructables userhboom‘s backyard fence grew weathered and worn, she decided to give it a much-needed revamp.


This cleverupcycler decided to repurpose boards from old pallets for her project.

She carefully chose pieces that didn’t look too used, but still had gorgeous character.


As this builder screwed each pallet board into place, she continually measured her height line, ensuring a level final product.


Once her fence was complete, she turned her attention to its decorations.

She decided to build these adorable little bee hotels out of small cut-off wooden pieces and old beams.


She drilled all sorts of differently sized holes into the houses, to entice bees big and small to come rest their weary wings after hours of pollinating.


She positioned a few cute flower boxes just beneath the bee hotels, adding gorgeous pops of color to her fence’s facade.


By engaging her creativity, this DIY-er built herself a beautiful new fence, sure to keep her backyard buzzing with activity all summer long.

This Instructables user upgraded her fence with an entirely new look complete withadorably decorative details.

What do you think of this bee hotel fence project? Have you ever built a housefor the critters in your neighborhood? Tell us about your project in the comments below.

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