9-Year-Old Lets Single Dad Style Her Hair, Then He Totally Transforms It

Florida dad, Phillipe Morgese is a single father raising his 9-year-old daughter, Emma. He would style the little girl’s hair the same way, every day, in a plain ponytail.

As her hair grew longer and Emma got older, she wanted more interesting ways to tame her long locks. One day Emma brought Phillipe a hairstyle she wanted him to imitate.

The father patiently taught himself how to do the intricate hairstyle. Eventually he learned all different kinds of braiding techniques that most people couldn’t conceive of knowing. The princess braids and fishtails became more elaborate with each style.

Phillipe realized that most dads don’t really know how to do their daughters’ hair. He came up with a class called “Daddy Daughter Hair Factory,” to teach local fathers how to do just that.

“Many of them struggled with basic hair care and styling,” Phillipe said in a 2015 ABC interview. “I’m not a professional, but I had the best intentions and I was sure I could help.”

Phillipe began teaching the classes bi-weekly. He believes it’s a great way to get fathers to bond with their daughters and learn a fundamental skill.

“I think it’s a service to the community, and it is important to do our part,” said Phillipe. “The bond between a parent and their child is special. I hope this story inspires others to volunteer their time to help those in their community.”

See how he transforms Emma’s hair in the video below.

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