8 Surprising Signs That Good Luck Is Coming Your Way

Look, I like to think of myself as practical, but I still believe in luck.

Deep down, I know that blowing on the dice during a game of Yahtzee doesn’t make the numbers change, but you know what? It can’t hurt!

And I like to bring that same philosophy into other parts of my life, and always keep an open mind about signs of good luck from the universe.

After all, I may not be in a position to find a good luck charm like agiant pearl fished out of the ocean in the Philippines, but I figuresomeone has to win the lottery!

With that in mind, I like to keep an eye out for any kind of indicator that a wind of good fortune is blowing my way.

When you look at things with the right attitude, it turns out that the world is just chockfull of good luck charms.

Scroll through below to see a few of the most surprising signs out there!

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#1: There Are Bats In Your Attic


Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

Usually, when someone tells you that you ‘have bats in the attic,’ they don’t mean it as a compliment they’re trying to call you batty!

If you ever hear that insult, you may need to tell the person who dealt it to take it up with the bats, because they clearly disagree.

When bats decide to make a home insideyour home, its a sign of favor; your house has a positive energy that lends itself to happiness and health.

#2: Your Ears Are Itchy


Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

The most popular old wives’ tale about itchy ears says that, if someone is gossiping about you, your ears will start to feel irritated and ticklish.

In fact, it actually depends which ear is itchy if it’s your left ear that’s bugging you, it’s actually a good sign.

That indicates that someone is saying something nice about you, and might mean more happy relationships and friendships to come!

#3: A New Pet Adopts You


Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

Yes, even a black cat!

Animals are picky, especially cats, and they’re very good judges of character.

If you suddenly find that a stray cat keeps showing up asking for food, or a dog follows you home, it might mean that good fortune is coming your way.

Besides, we tend to think adding a new pet to the household is pretty good luckin its own right!

#4: You Keep Seeing The Number 8


Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

The number 8 is considered deeply lucky in many parts of the world, particularly in China.

That’s because the pronunciation of the number in Chinese is similar to the word meaning “wealth.”

In other words, watch out for the number 8 showing up all the time on cash registers, addresses, even phone numbers cause it could mean something good coming your way.

#5: Your Clothes Are On Backwards


Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

If you sleepily pull on a sweater and discover it’s backwards halfway to work, you might think you got up on the wrong side of the bed.

Actually, it’s just the opposite accidentally putting your clothes on inside out, backwards, or both is a sign that you’re open to whims of the universe.

Word of warning though: once you notice the mistake, you’re supposed to leave it be; otherwise the good luck will go away.

#6: There Are Pins & Needles In Your Left Hand


Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

Pins and needles aren’t always a good thing; go to the doctor straight away if it really hurts!

But if you just have a mild case of tingling maybe your arm fell asleep pay close attention.

When your left hand tingles, it’s supposedly because your hand can sense cash flowing into it in the near future.

#7: A Bird Blesses You


Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

It might seem like there’s nothing worse than getting nailed by a bird ‘bomb’ while you’re just minding your own business, but it’s really a matter of perspective.

Yes, you’ll have to clean up icky bird poo from your clothes or (eek!) your hair, but on the bright side, it’s supposed to usher in good luck!

Even better, it also applies to your car, bike, or even house, so you don’t necessarily have to be the direct target to reap the rewards.

#8: Ivy Grows On Your Home


Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

If your home is growing a thick, unmistakeable green coat of ivy, you are most definitely in luck!

Not only is a coat of ivy very pretty, with a certain fairytale charm, it always bodes well for your future.

Even better, ivy growing on your house is supposed to keep bad luck out, so you get all the good and none of the bad!

Which good lucks signs are you on the lookout for in the New Year? Let us know below, and don’t forget toSHARE these uplifting signs from the universe with friends and family!

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