8 Reasons Why You Shouldnt Be Showering Every Single Day

Ever have those days where you pull yourself out of bed and you justcan’t face getting in the shower? It happens to the best of us!

But if you deal withthose days by guiltily dabbing on a little extra perfume and throwing your hair in a bun, we have great news.

Just as there’s no shame in tinkling in the shower, there’s no shame in skipping a shower for a day or two either!

Flexible shower habits may actually be really good for you, despite the common perception that missing a day of sudsing up might make you dirty and grimy.

In fact, despite the notion that not showering is a dirty habit, it turns out that your hygiene really doesn’t suffer one bit from skipping showers. It might even make you a whole lot healthier!

Scroll through below to learn why you should start skipping showers as soon as possible!

#1: Your Skin Will Be Happier


Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

Your bodyproduces lots of natural oils to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

When you hop in a hot shower, it feels great, but soap and shampoo scrub away the skin’s natural oils, and the steamy water dehydrates your skin and leaves it dry.

Instead, skip your shower when you can, and always make sure to moisturize your whole body after a shower your skin will thank you!

#2: Youll Give Your Immune System A Boost


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Part of the reason we shower is to scrub away gross germs and dirt, but that may not always be so good for us.

That’s because not all germs on your skin are bad news the same way some of the bacteria in your stomach is good, so are some of the microorganisms on your skin.

It’s always a good idea to wash your hands diligently (especially during flu season,) but giving your body the occasional break will let your disease-fighting “good” germs flourish!

#3: Its Easier On Your Hair


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Your hair isa kind of natural rain hat; it’s designed to repel water and keep your head warm and dry for as long as possible in a drizzle.

That’s part of the reason your hair produces so many oils; the other is that oil helps keep the hair hydrated and strong!

When you scrub your hair with shampoo, you strip away the oils, and you might end up with fragile hair that frizzes easily,especially in the rain!

#4: You Wont Lose Vitamin D


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Every time you step out into the sun, your body begins to create Vitamin D in response to the sunlight hitting your skin.

Vitamin D is a vital nutrient, and not having enough can lead to depression and exhaustion, among other ailments.

Because Vitamin D is processed on the surface of your skin, showering every day might strip the important nutrients away before the body gets a chance to absorb them.

#5: Youll Save Time


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Next time you’re in a rush getting out the door, consider cutting your morning shower.

Between preparation and drying off, that’s a good fifteen or twenty minutes you could be spending sipping coffee and reading the paper!

Ditto nighttime bathers; instead of staying up late to shower, snuggle up in bed and get an extra 40 winks!

#6: The Planet Will Thank You


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Showers use one heck of a lot of water, to the tune of 17.2 gallons in an eight-minute shower!

Since I think we all know people who shower for a lot longer than eight minutes, those numbers really add up.

Cutting down to 2 or 3 showers a week will reduce your personal impact on the planet, and help make sure we have plenty of water for a long, long time.

#7: Taking A Bird Bath Works Just As Well


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If you don’t want to shower, but are feeling a little bit stinky, try taking a “bird bath!”

That’s when you wash your armpits, private parts, neck, and feet with a soapy washcloth at the sink.

In terms of hygiene, it’sjust as effective as a full-blown shower, and a great system for cutting back on the urge to shower three times a day in the sweaty heat of the summer.

#8: You Probably Arent Dirty Anyway


Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

The biggest myth around showering is that we are all so consistently dirty that we need to shower every single day, but it’s just not the case!

Unless you spend your day neck deep in germs, or sweating heavily, you probably aren’t actually all that dirty to start with.

So give yourself and your body a break and skip a day; your shower will still be there tomorrow!

What do you think, would you ever skip a shower? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to SHARE with friends and family!

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