25 Unique Bookshelves That Every Bookworm Needs

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When I was looking for an apartment, this is a sentence that actually came out of my face: “This place is great, but my books won’t fit.” Reasonable rent aside, I kept it movin’.

If you’re a fellow bibliophile, then you feel my pain. Because I look at screens all day, I never really felt the glowing allure of devices like Kindles. The only downside to that is the fact that I have lots and lots of books and not so much space.

That’s why we lovers of literature need to get crafty with our bookshelves. For a little storage inspiration, here are 25 unique bookshelves that you can buy or DIY. If there’s a link in the heading, follow it for the tutorial or the purchase page!

1. These superhero-themed bookshelves are perfect if you have a geeky side.

2. Have extra crates sitting around? Why not stack and fill them?

3. It’s no secret that we’re sedentary creatures. Live your truth by making a bookshelf chair.

4. Confuse your friends with these invisible shelves.

5. Nail an old ladder to the wall for a rustic look.

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6. IKEA-hack your way into this stunning setup.

7. I need a massive frame shelf right this second.

8. These shelves pack a stylish punch.

9. Leave the usual design behind in favor of something like this.

10. Keep the daydreaming going with some help from a little cloud.

11. Life’s a balancing act. So is this.

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12. Maximize space with a bookshelf chair.

13. Abstract bookshelves double as works of art.

14. Stack old pallets and turn them into cute bookshelves!

Tree Hugger

15. Hang ’em up with this custom-made piece from Etsy.

16. Nail some pipes to the wall for an industrial look.

17. Get the nautical vibes going with this canoe design.

18. If you snag one of these for yourself, you need to get me one as well. It’s the law.

19. Make this hanging rope shelf for an “I’m way cooler than anyone else I know” vibe.

20. Cable spool + IKEA casters = shabby-chic heaven.

21. Do you have extra wine crates around the house? If you’re living your best life, you do. Turn them into shelves.

22. Never lose tic tac toe again.

23. Build this adorable book display.

24. Is this the most practical setup? No. Is it the coolest? YUP.

25. I guarantee no one in your life has anything like this upcycled piece.

Well, apartment, get ready for a new addition (or 10).

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/bookshelves/

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