1800s Schoolhouse Is Lovingly Preserved As A Charming Inn

When I think of grade school, I’m transported years back in time to when I used to chat and giggle with friends on the school bus.

Grade school was filled with worksheets, colorfully decorated cork boards in the hallway, and homemade lunches.

But this little schoolhouse-turned-home for sale harkens back to a time muchfurther away than when I was little.

Built in the 1800s, the little white hut was once a one-room class, where history andarithmetic were taught on a big black chalkboard.

Though the little house had humble beginnings, it was eventually bought up and turned into a beautiful and historical living space just like this home that also was once a school.

Check below to see the many wonders that fit inside the small frame, we’re sure it will make you want to head for the hills of upstate New York to soak up all of the nostalgia.

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Nestled within the Catskills sits a pristine white schoolhouse.

From 1893 until 1949, it served as a one-room grade-school institution, complete with delicate desks and a big, squeaky, black chalkboard.

Adorably titled the Hillside Schoolhouse, its exterior looks perfectly preserved from the past.

Even the cast iron bell that sits perfectly on top in its tower still rings.

But the beautiful structure is a far cry from the humble little schoolhouse it used to be.

Once it was purchased by its current owners, the couple took its grizzled interior and turned it into something totally spectacular.

Operating as an award-winning inn since 2013, the school house is now available for lucky history-lovers to buy.

Having been completely restored by the couple with its adorable academic roots in mind, the space is not filled with refurbished relics.

The industrial elements of the little abode make it feel both modern and antique all at once.

There are also plenty of furniture pieces that still make it feel like an old school house including overhead lights and, of course, a dusty black chalkboard.

Its current owners also woodwork, and they’ve created many of the custom furnishings that give the little house its charm.

Those who are interested in the interiors can also purchase many of his pieces online.

Its renovations included a second floor that holds the little lodging spaces.

In total, it has two bedrooms as well as two and a half bathrooms.

It also has a charming coatroom-turned-kitchen with a big beautiful sink.

To keep with the schoolhouse theme, its backslash has chalkboard-esque tile.

Its bathrooms have whimsical wallpaper like this cute jackalope print, making the space feel like it has taken a few pages out a storybook.

In addition to the original hardwood floors and doors, there are other elements of the little house that truly take it back in time.

The carefully crafted wood trims and the intricate ironwork still celebrate its charming roots despite its amazing upgrade.

Even the colorful stained glass window tiles make it appear to be the same sweet house where students came to learn, read and take notes.

The adorable space is a hidden gem in the hills that perfectly mixes cool contemporary pieces with classic historical charm.

If you want to learn more about the sweet space, check out its listing.

And if this charming old schoolhouse put you in the back-to-school mood, be sure to take the fun quiz below!

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