14 Vintage Television Sets That Will Totally Take You Back

I remember my grandmother’s house having the sameold TV foryears. It was one of those clunky, boxy numbers that required at least seven different adjustments to the many knobs and dials to get just one channel to come in clearly.

As frustrating as it could be, it was also a fascinating glimpse into the past. Television designs back then were a far cry from the flat screens with megapixel clarity we have today.

Just like the shows they projected into our homes, the sets themselves evolved over the decades. Sometimes it was for the better, like moving away from the itty-bitty porthole screens. Other times, though, the designs left you scratching your head and wondering howyou were even supposed to turn the darn thing on.

Take a look to see some of thevintage TVs folks relied onway back in the day and let us know in the comments if you remember having one in your home.

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Thumbnail Source: Wikimedia Commons

1. 1950s Philco TV


This classy design was perfect for tuning into the latest episode ofI Love Lucy back in the day.

2. 1949 Suitcase TV


This petite travel-ready option from the late ’40s probably required a lot of squinting to make out what was happening on the tiny screen.

3. 1958 Braun TV


Vintage TVs seemed to embrace a more modern, sleek look as they inched closer to the 1960s.

4. 1937 Telefunken TV


This super vintage German set used cathode ray tubes and a mirror to reflect the images on the screen.

5. 1950s Cupboard TV


The circular design is cute but all I can think about is how much of the broadcasts back then werecut off in the corners.

6. 1970s Space Helmet TV


I wouldn’t even bother tuning into a show with this vintage TV set it’s already so cool to look at on its own!

7. 1950s Portable TV


The gold detail and sleek design ofthis set make it a super chic option for those whocould afford it in the past.

8. 1970s Orange TV


The ’70s really embraced this bright color, using it for furniture, carpets, and curtains, so it makes sense that it found its way to TVsets.

9. Mid-Century Turquoise TV


Does quaint turquoise like this remind anyone else of Rosie fromThe Jetsons?

10. 1940s Portable TV


Clearly, folks wanted to carry around their visual entertainment with themfrom the very beginning of the industry.

11. 1960s Quasar TV


The charming design almost distracts from how challengingit was to arrangeeverythingin just the right wayto get decentreception for your favorite show back then.

12. 1960s Wood-Paneled TV


This bulky design was found in tons of family homes for decades I totallyremember having one all the way into the 1980s!

13. 1970s Portable Pop-Up TV


The folks behind this TV certainly took space-saving very seriously.

14. 1970s Portable Cube TV


Not quite as Space Age-y as the helmet design a few entries above, but this still embraces the popular aesthetic of the era.

Do you remember having any of these sets in your home? Did we miss any other common designs from the past?

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