11 Things You Must Know Before You Step Onto A Public Bus Again

The bus is a wonderful way to get around town. It’s cheap, it’s convenient, and it gets you where you need to go.

So many people rely on the bus to get them to and from work, and to run their errands. For those of usthat don’t have a car, the bus may be the very thing that is making it possible to get toour jobs.

If you’re an infrequent bus rider, though, you may not be used to the daily commute, and you could delay or complicate the very thing that so many people rely on.

There are some things that you definitely should knowif you plan totake the bus.Whether it’s for the convenience of others, your own safety, or for the efficiency of the trip, make sure you are aware ofthese 11 tipsbefore you step foot onto a bus ever again.

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1. Always Move To The Rear


Getting stuck on the curb when you can clearly see room at the back is so frustrating. Think of the people behindyou and go to wherever there is room so that as many people can fit on as possible.

2. Don’t Bring Stinky Food


Riding the bus can bring on a bit of motion sickness as it is. Don’t add the stench of leftover Chinese food to the nausea cocktail for fellow passengers.

3. Look At A Transit Map Beforehand


Try not to hold up the driver by asking where they’re headed. Busses run on a schedule and hit enough traffic already. It’s easy enough to look at a map or ask a fellow rider for advice once you’re on the bus.

4. Don’t Leave Your Trash Behind


It really isn’t that difficult to carry your own garbage to the nearest trash can. It is irresponsible and rude to leave it lying around on seats and the floor for others to deal with.

5. Don’t Ride After A Large Shopping Trip


Try to get in touch with a friend who has a car if you know you’ll be picking up a large item like an air conditioner or patio furniture from the store, or making a large grocery stop. There simply isn’t enough room on a busy bus to lug things like that around. If you cannot find a friend with a car and can’t afford a cab, try to plan your pick-up during a lull in the day to avoid rush-hour.

6. Don’t Yell At The Driver


They know what they are doing, and they have a lot of things to focus on. They don’t need your attitude added on top. Say “hello” and “thank you” to brighten their day.

7. Offer Your Seat To Someone Who Needs It More


If you see a pregnant woman or an elderly person, offer them your seat! Unless you too are disabled, these folks need to sit down more than you do.

8. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings


The bus is a perfect place for pickpockets to steal your wallet or phone. Keep your purse in front of you and zipup yourpockets if you can.

9. Wear Headphones


Even when you do wear headphones, try not to blast music too loudly. I’m not sure if full-on blasting music without headphones is worse than the tinny sound of drums coming through loud headphones or not.

10. Don’t Touch The Bottom Or Back Of The Seat


The bus most likely gets spot cleaned at the end of its route, and gets a more thorough cleaning at the end of the day. However, it won’t get a truly deep clean every day, and places like under and behind the seat are likely to collect the most germs and bacteria.

11. Don’t Primp And Prune Yourself


Clipping nails, applying perfume, or even makeup can be offensive to other riders. Dust from your blush can get on other passengers’ clothing, perfume can be overwhelming for others, and clipping nails in public is downright wrong.

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