104-Year-Old Train Caboose Is Transformed Into A Tiny Summer House In The Woods

There’s something timelessly glamorous about train travel. Maybe it’s the idea of watching the world whiz past you, or the thrill of in tirge like in Murder on the Orient Express.

Or maybe it’s just how a surprising amount of comfort and even elegance can be packed into such a small space. Whatever it is, trains are beloved by people of all ages.

And that’s why one house in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, is so charming, because it’s a historic train caboose and a modern, comfortable tiny summer home!

The caboose was constructed in 1912, and the exterior has been restored to look just like it would have back in its day, with a cherry-red pain job and black and gold accents for a smart, punchy style. And it’s even still got its original wheels, and is parked on a piece of track on the secluded, woodsy property.

This isn’t the first train car to be converted into a home, and train cars, for a lot of creative builders and homemakers, are a great way to create a recycled home and preserve a little piece of history at the same time.

In fact, the Sturgeon Bay train house also comes with another piece of history right on the property: the station house!

Because the station and caboose are both rather small, they come as a unit so a larger family can stay there comfortably. And the station house is adorable, too.

Would you live in a train? Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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Set in the woods of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, this 100-year-old train caboose looks like something out of another time.

It’s perched on a length of track, and you have to climb in just the way you would a train car back in the day.

While it carried passengers in the past, today, it’s been converted into a summer home, complete with a spacious yard, outdoor picnic area, and a fire pit for late-night marshmallow roasting.

It also comes with an old station house for additional space. The little two-story cottage would have sold tickets and provided passengers with a place to wait for their trains in the past.

Today, like the caboose, it’s been converted into a cozy dwelling.

Inside, there’s a full kitchen with a table.

There’s also a double sink, stove, and full-sized fridge, as well as plenty of cabinet space.

Some of the car’s original features were preserved, too, like these chairs.

The passenger area of a train typically sits high up, so that’s why the chairs are raised like this.

The lower portion of the car has been cleared out and turned into living space.

But these high chairs would be a great place to sit and watch the world. It might not be whizzing by anymore, but there are always things to see in the woods!

There’s also a bench for seating, although we’re not sure if this is an original bench.

The caboose also has a bathroom with a toilet and a shower stall.

And there are also small storage areas tucked around for necessities.

In the back, there are also bunk beds, in true sleeper-car style.

And if living in a single tiny house is too tight, there’s also a second one on the property!

This cottage used to be the station house, where passengers would purchase tickets and wait for trains.

It’s only eight by 16 feet, but it’s two stories, and provides extra sleeping and sitting space.

There’s also a screened-in porch.

The station house’s bedroom is beautifully done in wood, and of course it has lots of train-themed decorations!

Right now, the whole thing is on the market for $149,900, and would be a dream vacation home for any train enthusiast.

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