10 Things You Should Never, Ever Say To A Working Mom

Whether a working mom chooses to stay at her job, or is working out of necessity, it is never easy or a decision that is made lightly.

That said, being a mom ingeneral is never easy! There is no need to try to decidewho has it harder as a mother: working moms or stay-at-home moms. All of these incredible womenhave their own struggles and strifes, and the best way to support each other is to understand that there is no perfect or simpleway to be a mother.

You can never know for sure what someone elseis going through, and there are certain things that you should absolutely never utterto a parent.

Working moms, specifically, are sometimes seen as being less-than as a parent because they spend time away from their children.

But, you know what? Times have changed, and parents have a lot more viable options nowadays. Unlike in the past, nownearly half of all children in the USA are raised by two working parents, according to Pew Research Center.

Accordingly, these are 10 thingsyou should never, ever say to a working mom.

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1. “I Would Be So Uncomfortable With Someone Else Raising My Kid”


Working mothers need daytime caretakers, yes, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t the ones raising their children.

Working mothers go to parent teacher conferences, they read them bedtime stories, they take weekend trips with them, and they most likely do all the same things a stay-at-home mom does, just in half the time.

It’s easy to see why she might need help getting everything done, but that nanny or daycare workerisn’t the one raising the children.

2. “You Should Volunteer More Often At School”


These days, parent involvement at school has become something of a requirement.

Working mothersoften volunteer, but they simply cannot be there every single day. And, frankly, there is something to be said about giving achild some space and independence.

Cut working moms some slack, because you have no way of knowing how much time she spends with her child outside of the school day hours, and questioning her volunteering time commitment is just rude.

3. “Can You Trust The Babysitter?”


It is rude to assume that a working mother wouldn’t do some research on the person she has hired to take care of her baby or young child while she is at work. Of course she has looked into the background of her child’s caretaker!

4. “Can’t Your Husband Support Both Of You?”


Don’t even get me started on this one. Both parents can be successful breadwinners for the household; it’s not just a one or the other type of deal. If a woman wants to have her own career, she is allowed to pursue that passion if she so chooses.

This doesn’t mean that she loves her career more than her child. Working mothers can beincredible role models for both young girls and boys.

5. “Good For You, Putting Yourself First”


While some moms do choose to work for their own personal reasons, others simply do not have achoice. For many, working means putting thewhole family’s needs ahead of the mother’s. Regardless, it is rude to imply that working is a selfish decision.

6. “Your Child Was Crying At School. I Think She Misses You”


Jumping to the conclusion that thisis the reason the child is crying is silly, because there are literally millions of reasons kids cry. But independent of the crying itself, this statementcan only serve to hurt the mother, and lays a large amount of unwarranted guilt on her.

7. “You Look Utterly Exhausted”


Let’s face it: all moms are tired, whether they work inside or outside of the home. They all know that they’retired, and don’t need to hear it from anybody!

8. “Lucky You, You Get A Break From The Kids”


Being a mom isn’t a competition about who has it the worst. Plus, there is nothing relaxing about going off to work! Work has it’s own, completely different set of stressors and anxieties. Every mom could use arealvacation, or even a mini getaway to get her nails done.

Instead of suggesting that work is a retreat from the constant responsibilities of motherhood, why not try to find an hour or two to schedule an actual relaxing activity together?

9. “I Wish I Could Afford Clothes Like That”


Just because a working mom wearsa nice scarf or a new pair of earrings to work doesn’t mean that she is rolling in dough as a result of her job. What seems like it could be a compliment of sorts oftencomes off as an accusation that she’s only working for herself.

You never know what afamily’s situation is really like, anda nice thing here or there doesn’t mean that allis easy-breezy when it comes to paying the bills.

10. “No Paycheck Is Worth The Time You’re Missing With Your Children”


AsKristin Funston at Scary Mommypoints out, there are mortgages and bills to pay.But regardless of a family’s financial situation, this can only serve to make a mother feel bad about her choices. And frankly, it’s just plain mean!

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