10 Things I’d Rather You Buy Me Than An Engagement Ring

I love sparkly, diamond, shiny, glittering things more than any other glam-obsessed girl creature I know except for maybe Kim Kardashian West.

Yes, girl is now sporting TWO diamond rings so massive that Im not sure how her dainty fingers dont snap in half from all that weight.

Her original engagement ring from Yeezy himself was a humble 15 fucking carats. Her newestengagement ring is a MUCH more civilized 20 carats.

Check out this viral Instagram video of Kim K showing off her new mega rock (and her new square-tipped mani). Damn, does anyone else thing its a shame Kim K isnt a drag queen? She would have KILLED the game.

Oh, and did I mention this new rock costs $8 million? Its been deemed the most expensive celebrity engagement ring of all time.

WhileIm not really obsessed with the whole Kardashian Kult and I dont really understand why theyre so fascinating that the entire media revolves around their latest tweets, I will still confess: I respect Kims unabashed love for all that is glam.

After all, it takes a glamor puss to know a glamor puss. And I completely get the desire to adorn oneselfin all that glitters (which, in her case, is most definitely gold).

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