10 Signs That Youre A 1950s Kid At Heart

The 1950s had its share of the good, the bad, and the ugly, as all times do. But even though there were difficulties and troubles to get through, there are parts of the ’50s that manystill hold near and dear to theirhearts if that was when theygrew up.

There is plenty to love about the 1950s,and there is plenty to feel nostalgic about. While we all may be grateful for the progress we’ve made since those times, there are also many ways of life that folks whogrew up in the ’50s (and even some of us who didn’t) still long for. Some of usmay even be an old soul.

These 10 things prove that you are a 1950s kid in your heart of hearts. They are part of what makes you so distinctly you, whether you grew up during thisvery interesting and historical time or not!

So, are you a ’50s kid at heart? For those whoweren’t born during the time, do these still resonate with you? Let us know in the comments.

1. You Love Watching TV With Your Family


Back in the day, the family wouldgather to watch that week’s episode all at the same time when it aired. It was a wholesome thing families did together, and you’re not ever going to be ready to give up that tradition. You might still even prefer shows likeI Love LucyandLeave It To Beaver over the current television hits.

2. You Think Kids Should Get Outside More


Growing up in the 1950s meant spending a ton of time outside riding bikes, playing sports, climbing trees, and sometimes getting into a bit of trouble. You don’t quite understand how kids can spend so much time indoors on their electronic devices without getting a hankering to beoutdoors.

3. You Think Cars Should Be Works Of Art


They may not have been as safe as they are today, but boy oh boy were those Thunderbirds beautiful. Even the sleekest of cars from today’s age will never compare to those midcentury beauties that rumbled down the freeway. You are probably, however, very thankful that seat belts were invented.

4. You Prefer Simpler Toys


You wish that your kids and grandkids appreciated simpler toys like hula hoops and Lincoln Logs, not only because they don’t cost an arm and a leg like fancy electronic toys, but because they spark creativity and imagination.

5. You Hold Onto Your Pennies


When you were younger, pennies weren’t just throwaway currency (I mean, they still aren’t, but some people see them that way). You could get a whole sweet at your local shop for just a few pennies. When you see the price of a candy bar now, your heart still drops!

6. Very Few Of Your Friends Know What It’s Like To Be Single


Sixty-five years ago or so, it was the norm for girls to get married before they even turned 20 years old. Chances are that a lot of your friends have been married since they were just about that age, and a single life seems like something totally out of the ordinary.

7. You’re Slightly Offended When Your Favorite Movie Is Colorized


Ok, you’re greatly offended. You grew up watching your favorite characters in black-and-white and the painted scenes completely take you out of the time and place. You’re a purist when it comes to things like this, and you have a hard time accepting that technology can change even your favorite things from the past.

8. Your Record Collection Is Precious


If you’re a music buff, then you most likely have at lease a small stack of records that you listen to on a regular basis. To you, there is nothing quite like relaxing with one of your favorite vinyls, just like you did while growing up. Sure, streaming music from online is convenient, but is it worth it?

9. You Believe That A Plan Is A Plan


When you were younger, making a plan with a friend didn’t require a ton of revisions, phone calls, texts and checking in to make sure that he or she still wants to join you. In your day? You made a plan and you stuck to it. You showed up when you said you would and that’s that! You’re still the same way today and you get surprised when someone gives you a ring to ask if you’re still on for lunch when you made the plan only three days ago.

10. Casseroles Hold A Special Place In Your Heart


You probably ate a lot of casseroles both tuna and green bean alike around your dinner table, along with a good amount of meat and potatoes. This kind of food will always hold a prized place in your heart, no matter how many fancy Asian-fusion restaurants you go to these days. There is nothing like mom’s cooking, even if it does look a little lumpy and mostly white and brown.

Are you a ’50s kid deep down? Did we miss anything from our list? Let us know in the comments and

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