10 Royal Dogs From Throughout History

We all know that dog is man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Although it’s hard to imagine, royalty are people too, and they are no exception to the man’s best friend rule.

In fact, thesocial status and unlimited funds of kings and queens often meant that pooches were given the full royal treatment. While it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that a dog had such a better lifestyle than wedo, the royals can’t be blamed for spoiling their canines. We’d all happily do the same if we were born into such circumstances!

Of course, what is most notable about these royal dogsis often their fierce loyalty for their owners and the way they served them as loyal subjects, even though they presumably had no idea they were legally obligated to do so.

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Thumbnail source: Wikimedia Commons / Louis-Michel van Loo

1. King Edward VII’s Terrier, Caesar Of Notts


King Edward VII was very fond of his Wire Fox Terrier that he named Caesar of Notts, and called Caesar for short.The King and Caesar’s love was mutual, and they were rarely seen apart. With that said, people other than the King didn’t enjoy Caesar’s company so much and described him as “stinky.”

He wore a collar with a tag that read, “I am Caesar. I belong to the King.” When King Edward died, Caesar survived him and is noted for calmly following his master’s coffin during the funeral procession. Caesar’s undying loyalty touched the hearts of fellow mourners.

2. Marie Antoinette’s Pug, Mops


The notorious French Queen was originally brought to France from her home country of Austria when she was a young teenager. She was expected to leave her old Austrian life and accept her new role as the future wife to the French King’s eldest son, to become the future Queen of France.

Her journey involved a crossing where she had to leave all of her old belongings behind, which very sadly included her Pug called Mops. Luckilythe pair were reunited and Mops was sent to France once the new Princess settled into Versailles.

3. King George VI’s Corgi, Dookie


Many today arefamiliar with Queen Elizabeth II and her pack of royal pugs. As it turns out, her father’s dog Dookie is the one that started it all. King George brought him home from a local kennel in 1993 and there was no turning back.

4. Kamehameha III Of Hawaii’s English Mastiff, ‘Evelaina


Kamehameha III received ‘Evelaina as a gift, and the pair became inseparable. So much so that when the King died, she guarded his tomb all day and night, and would only take a quick break to eat before rushing back to her post.

When‘Evelaina herself passed away seven years later,Kamehameha’s son had a coffin made for her and buried her under a tree in front the chapel where her owner was laid to rest, so she could continue to guard him for eternity.

5. Louis XIV’s Toy Poodle, Filou


Louis XIV is the King responsible for the creation of Versaille, and is commonly called the Sun King because of how highly he thought of himself. The King is also responsible for popularizing toy poodles in the French court.

Louis’ favorite poodle companion was named Filou, which means “trickster” in French.

6. Mary, Queen Of Scots’ Maltese


Mary, Queen of Scots had a turbulent life. Her throne was never secure. Her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England, who feared Mary would try to usurp her throne, kept her prisoner, and her only comforts were her Maltese Terriers.

When Mary was found guilty of being involved in a plot to kill Elizabeth, she was sentenced to death by beheading. As she walked to the scaffold, one of her beloved dogs was concealed under her skirts. It wasn’t until afterwards that the dog came out from hiding. The little white dog had to be dragged away. The act of loyalty evoked emotion from even her worst enemies.

7. King Charles II’s Spaniels


It is no coincidence that there is a breed of dog known as the King Charles spaniel.King Charles II was rarely seen without one of the toy spaniels by his side, even from a young age. The King was so fond of the dogs that heissued a decree that they were allowed everywhere in the kingdom, even in Parliament.

8. Alexander The Great’s Dog, Peritas


Alexander the Great is known for being an almost unstoppable conquerer.Legend has it that his beloved dog Peritas was a gift from a Greek King. Legend also has it that Peritas had taken down both a lion and an elephant.

Peritas was Alexander’s companion in life and in battle. When Peritas died, Alexander named a cit,y believed to be somewhere in India, after him. Records do not indicate what breed Peritas was, but it is thought he was a Mastiff or a Greyhound.

9. Catherine The Great’s Italian Greyhound, Zemira


Catherine the Great of Russia was so fond of her Italian Greyhound Zemira, that she commissioned a portrait of her and the dog. She also had a life-sized porcelain figure of Zemira made, which is still on display today.

10. Queen Victoria’s Pomeranian, Turi


Queen Victoria is known as one of the founders of the Pomeranian breed as we know it today. Before she began breeding the dogs, they were typically larger and resembled their Spitz sled dog ancestors.

However, Victoria wanted them smaller, so she bred them down to size. At one point she had 35 dogs. On her deathbed, she specifically asked for her favorite dog, Turi. He stayed with her until the end.

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