Tiger Has Two Siblings In A Fit Of Giggles When He Plays A Game Of Peekaboo With Them

It’s amazing how children can find amusement in some of the simplest things, like a playful game of peekaboo. These two children seem to love the game and have recruiteda new pal to play itwith them.

Behind a wall of solidglass, a tiger pacesback and forth, following the movement of the children.

As he reaches the end of the glass, he turns his head and makes eye contact with the little girl, before turning around and pacing back the other way.

The little girl lets out a squeal of delight and shouts “Peekaboo!” as she turns on her little pink heel and shoots off in the same direction, bright-pink skirt ruffling and golden French braids flying behind her head.

Her little brother is right on her tail, taking short hop steps to keep up with his big sister’s longer legs.

As their back-and-forth game with the tiger continues, the little sister seems to grow weary and wanders off toward the stroller, humming as she goes.

But her little brother is too entertained by his new friend to notice his sister’s absence and continues bouncing alongside the tiger and leaping toward the glass as he lets out enthusiastic “Boos!,” his little hoodie bobbing with each excited movement.

His sister finally seems to regain her strength (and enthusiasm)and jumps back in, pouncing on the glass and letting out a final “Boo!”

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