This guy’s motion sickness made his proposal very memorable…and very disgusting

Everyone gets a little queasy before a proposal, but this guy’s nerves got the better of him.

Darrell Hamilton Jr. was about to give his girlfriend, Rheanna Faye, the picture-perfect proposal. Hed planned a romantic ride over Reedley, California. And then he got motion sickness.

Hamilton, a video journalist, had the event taped, and you can see him becoming increasingly uncomfortable as the flight goes on. Then he hastily pulls the ring out of his pocket and proposes. She was surprised, but she got an even bigger shock when just seconds later, he started to vomit.

Eeesh. But Faye, who has been dating Hamilton for two years, took it like a champ. And she even said yes! After he recovered slightly from the vomiting, he slides the ring onto her finger, but they didnt seal the deal with a kiss since, you know, puke.

At least the proposal was memorable, even if its not exactly what Hamilton had in mind. And Faye showed him that shes already up to the challenge of the in sickness and in health part of the vows.

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