This Brilliant Guide Will Teach You How To Make The Worlds Prettiest Tomato

We are taught from an early age not to play with our food, but it might be worth revisiting that restriction. You may not believe it, but the results of goofing around with your favorite meals can sometimes be downright magical!

Now, we arent encouraging the plate smearing and spaghetti face planting that some of our younger family members might admire, but we are all about this effortlessly elegant food hack that turns an everyday veggie into a beautiful art object.

Much like this deeply satisfying video of bell peppers being sliced, we were completely entertained watching this tidy and lovely video of half of a tomato mysteriously transforming into a beautiful lotus flower with the aid of nothing but a sharp paring knife and a clean work surface.

Watch carefully as he slices the tomato in half using a genius zig-zag line, and then carefully peels it into a remarkable floral creation. By the end, the finished product wouldnt look out of place in a botanical garden. You wont believe that this was ever a tomato! Plus, this makes a beautiful addition to salads, pasta dishes, or even as an unusual garnish to your favorite sweet treat.

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