Sick Girl Clings To Dads Hand As A Fire Truck Races To Her Home

A 5-year-old in DeBary, Florida, got her wish earlier this month when firetrucks rolled up to her home, sirens blaring and lights flashing.

Rylee Bernosky is a young girl battling brain cancer, but she’s still holding on to her dreams of becoming a firefighter when she gets older, after she beats the disease.

Every little girl deserves the chance to fulfill her dreams, but Riley needed this more than anything at this point in her life. In the video below, she appears tiredfrom her sickness, and her shyness prompts her to keep her hair over her face when the cameras are rolling.

However, her father, WadeBernosky, knows that his little girl relished every moment of the experience. He tells reporters that “she likes everything people do” for her during her struggle with cancer.

With a 90 percent chance of survival, Riley has to keep on fighting her illness. Nothing is certain, but as we’ve seen time and time again, a good attitude and the will to fight can go a long way when it comes to matters like this.

This experience may have been just what Riley needed to fight her battle: alook toward her bright future as a “warrior princess.”

The mayor of DeBary named February 14 as DeBary Warrior Princess Day in her honor.

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