Mom Moves Two Kids Into Tiny Home, But Nosy Neighbors Say Its A Bad Decision

Kim and Ryan Kasl were swimming in debt. The parents of two children were sick of being beholden to money and their material possessions. They decided to sell all of their belongings and spend $30,000 on a tiny house.

Their biggest fear was surviving the cold Minnesota winters. Surprisingly, the home ended up being suitable after it was parked in an RV lot. The 207-square-foot home has a wood-burning stove, furniture, loft, and bathroom.

The family is now able to pay off their student loans without the burden of having to make mortgage payments. Kim is also able to stay at home, and the family can be supported by Ryan’s salary as a teacher.

“We just wanted to step away from what was happening to our lives and really take control over what we wanted to happen in our lives,” Kim said in a 2015 interview.

Their former home was around 200,000 square feet. While the Kasls love their new dwelling, some neighbors remain skeptical about living in such a small space. Clearly, many of them have never been or wouldn’t want to go to New York City or Japan, where most people have no choice but to live in very tiny spaces due to population density.

“It’s uprooting everything you are used to,” one neighbor remarked.

“I’ve been ice fishing in houses bigger than that, and three days was enough,” another said.

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