Learn How To Shop And Put Together A Fabulous Dinner In One Hour For Just $100

How often do you find yourself forking over a lot of money to host a nice dinner party with your friends?

Maybe it is not a common occurrence, but we often spend way more than we planned to. Either we estimated the amount of food we needed wrong, or we couldn’t stick to a budget.

If you are anything like me, the moment you step into Target you spend $300 without blinking and always forget the onekey thing you needed when you went there.

Rachael Ray is here to save us from ourselves, which we honestly might need when it comes to shopping chains that lure us in!

The TV host challenged fourentertaining experts to shop at Target, foronly one hour and ona budget of $100.

To feed their guests, they’d obviously need some good entree options. But to set the tone, they’d need some pretty decor too. The experts paired off to team up and see if they can win this challenge! Do you think you’ll be able to use these tips?

If you love budget projects and seeing how people save money, you’ll enjoy this mom transforming her bathroomusing wood pallets for a cheap price.

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