Dad Wants Special Gender Reveal, So He Starts Carving Meat Into A Masterpiece

John Lezama is an expectant father. The East Texas husband and his wife are welcoming baby number five in a few months.

John works as a meat cutter at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant, cutting about 900 pounds of meat a day. He loves his work. In fact, he’s turned it into quite the art form. He wanted to do something special for his baby’s gender reveal, not the usual cake or balloon surprise.

His wife, Adriana, was skeptical when he told her what he had planned: a meat display. He said the idea caused some beef between them, but when he showed her what he had in mind, he was able to win her over.

“When I did it, she was like, that’s really awesome. She loved it,” John said.

John carved out the words “It’s A Girl,” along with a few hearts and tiny baby feet all with cow beef. He placed the display out in the restaurant, though this stunning reveal wasn’t his first time at the rodeo.

His creations are on showcase all year long for different holidays: Veterans Day, the Super Bowl, and Valentines Day

John has gotten so good at it that he competes with other Texas Roadhouse meat cutters across the state. While the couple hasn’t picked out a baby name yet, we’re guessing most are still in shock from this creative gender reveal.

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