Lord of the rings? Bernie Squitieri was more like a lord of the flies as he and his wife, Carla, donned hazmat suits to dig through mounds of garbage as they searched for their missing wedding rings.

One of the rings, accidently tossed away by Bernie, had a 12.5-carat diamond, FOX2 reported.

But the massive gem and its partner band were trapped somewhere under eight tons of garbage, the refuse of more than 900 customers. The rings were valued at nearly $500,000.

Lucky for Bernie, the couple recovered the rings, just a bit smellier than before.

The man who actually found the rings? Joe Evans of Meridian Waste. The garbage company diverted its trucks just before they were due to hit the landfill after hearing about the Squitieris predicament. Instead, the trucks dropped the garbage at a transfer station where the trio dug through the muck.

All it comes down to is luck, Evans told The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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