Cheetah Mom Dies Days After Having 5 Babies, Then Zookeepers Introduce Cubs To A Male Dog

Every animal lover knows just how compassionate animals can be, often more so than any human could be.

Animals will care for other’s young, without needed to be asked. Often many animals will care for babies of a different species and treat them like their own.

When Willow, a mother cheetah at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden died days after her cubs were born, the zoo knew they needed to step in to care for the cubs.

Willow had a c-section to deliver her 5 cubs and doctors had believed she’d recover well from surgery, but she sadly did not. They believe had she delivered the cubs naturally, all 6 would have been lost.

Now that her young are without a mother, that is where the zoo stepped in to help. They went in thezoo’s nursery since her passing and have been treated with the utmost care.

But they still needed a maternal figure, which comes in the form of an Australian shepherd, Blakely.

Blakely is the zoo’s resident nursery and comfort dog and he first acted like a giant cuddle buddy for the cheetah cubs. But as they group, Blakely will also become a role model and leader for them.

If you are amazed by the miracle of birth, you will also enjoy this cheetah birth from the Metro Richmond Zoo.

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