Best Man Stands Up To Deliver Wedding Rings, But Bride Is Shocked When He Runs Out

Being in a wedding party is a lot of responsibility, especially if you are the maid of honor or the best man.

The bride and groom are relying on you to help them make sure their day goes smoothly. Abest man is delegated a few tasks on the big day and the groom expects himto come through.

So imagine getting to the altar on your wedding day, only to learn your best man has forgotten the rings! What would you do?

On Laura and James Russell’s big day, their best man Craig did just that. He stood up when it was time to present the rings, and instantly realized he did not have them.

But thankfully, it was all part of a little plan he’d devised to make their day extra interesting.

In the video below, he runs out of the ceremony to call for backup.

Craig calls George, Laura and James’ beloved dog, to get some help. At first, George is snoring away in bed, but he wakes up when he realizes they need him and he’s fast to grab the rings and get going.

But as George runs through town and across a beach, he realizes he can’t just walk into the wedding without proper attire! The adorable dog then rushes to shower and puts on a tiny suit before hurrying to save the day and deliver the rings.

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Video Credit: Howl Creative Plan 9 Video Production / Laura Russell

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