Applying Makeup With A Sock Is A Cheap Alternative With Stunning Results

This is one of those makeup hacks you wouldn’t have ever thought of yourself, at least I certainly wouldn’t have. Most people apply makeup using an expensive brush, Beauty Blender, or those little makeup sponges. Those sponges are useful, but you have to toss them out pretty quickly. If you wear makeup every day, they’re not very good for your wallet or the environment for that matter. Mayra shows us how to ditch all of the expensive makeup tools for something we all have in our homes: socks.

Yes, that’s right, a sock is a cost-effective and beauty-effective way to apply your makeup. Socks are cheap, and you can throw them in the wash when they get dirty, but they’re also great at creating a very natural makeup look. Unlike makeup sponges, blenders, or brushes, the sock doesn’t absorb a lot of the foundation. That means you can use less foundation than normal, which means you won’t have to buy a new bottle as quickly, which means you save more cash.

All you have to do is apply the foundation onto the sock and carefully pat it onto your skin. If you use a liquid blush or bronzer, turn the sock inside out, place the color where you want it on your face, then pat it in. The finished result isperfection.No one has to know your little secret either that’s between you and your bank balance!

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