6-Year-Old Cuts Fringe Off Pillows To Help Mom Give Birth On Bathroom Floor

In 2014, 6-year-old Janeicea Armstrong helped her mom give birth. Yes, at only 6 years old, this little girl witnessed and helped bring new life into the world!

She woke up after hearing her mom, CanishaOwens, screaming in the bathroom. Once they both realized that her baby girl was coming early, they hugged each other, and Janeicea started to pray.

But even after they calledthe paramedics, the baby kept coming. The motherdaughter duo realized that they would have to deliver the baby right there in their home, without any help.

So they made sure that they stuck together and did it! At one point, the pain was too much for Canisha to handle, so she handed the phone to her daughter.

And somehow, this little girl did exactly what she was told and stayed brave and calm through the entire birth.

She even had to go and cut fringe off their couch pillows to helpcut the umbilical cord after not being able to find a shoelace! Talk about a quick thinker!

This scary journey may have been terrifying at first, but it all ended perfectly. Janeicea and Canisha now have another beautiful girl intheir family, and an inspiring story to tell in years to come.

What do you think they should have named this baby girl? Let us know in the comments!

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