14-Year-Old Amazingly Transforms 1974 Camper With Her Bare Hands

Camper transformations are indeed cool! Usually these are performed by highly skilled craftsmen or craftswomen. Rarely do you see a spectacular transformation performed by a 14-year-old!

But such is the case with Ellie Yeater as she created an adorable camper using her own money.

She bought an old 1974 camper in need of major repair. She then went to work and turned it into what she calls her glamper.”

Really amazing what she accomplishes. Check out her step by step process below.

It was during summer when Ellie Yeater bought her own camper and then set out to beautifully transform it.

Ellie is only 14.

Instead of summer camps or vacationing, Ellie put her time, energy and money into the glamper.”

The interior definitely needed a makeover.

She got it for 200 bucks. The camper was gutted and Ellie had a clean slate to work with.

Floors were scraped and some repairs made before she started the makeover.

Her family gave her a hand as well. She got lessons from her dad and grandfather.

The exterior was first. The light blue color was called mystic sea.

Now for the inside. All was painted pink!

Light blue elements were also added.

Brand new tiles were installed for the floor.

Painted, paneled, and covered, now it was time for Ellie to add some personal touch.

Glampers curtains were made by grandma.

What a transformation!

Cushions, pillows and pretty lights were added.

An old electric fan and camera give it that vintage look.

Pretty safe to say Ellie has a future in interior design!

Now completed, the glamper will be used for a nice and cozy study space or a place to get away and read. Guests could also crash in the glamper when visiting.

Amazing how she used her own money, and with the help of her family, made her vision become a reality!

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