10 Feelings A Man Will Never Be Able To Give To A Woman


There’s nothing I love more than when my boyfriend shows me attention, hits that spot right there and knows that Friday nights call for Tex-Mex.

There are some things, though, that my man just cant give me.

Sometimes, we just have to make ourselves happy. And theres nothing wrong with that. In fact, we should be doing more of that and worrying lessabout what someone else can do for us.

At the end of the day, you have to take care of yourself.

As I was sitting at my magnified mirror in the bathroom, lathering zit cream on my face and plucking my brows, I realized that this is a certain kind of happiness that no one else can give me. This moment is all about me, and itfeels damn good.

Whenever you feel like you need to rely on some dude for your happiness, remember these feelings he just cantprovide:

1. Takingoff your makeup after a long day.

Once that makeup wipe hits my face, its a propereuphoria.

Theres something about seeing my bare skin emerge that makes me feel super clean and refreshed. I dont know how some girls can come home from a night out and not take off their makeup. The days I dont wash my face are the days I get at least twelvezits.

Although I love Sephora, a good bronzer and makeup in general, there is nothing in this world that feels quite as good astaking it all off.

2. Takingoff your bra after a long day.

This is the best feeling in the world, and you know it. Its specially true if you live in Texas during the summer. You have to air yourboobs out, honey.

3. Having an orgasmfrom touching yourself.

Theres nothing like a mans touch, but theres also nothing like knowing exactly where to touch, press and massage to get the job done.

Sometimes, I just dont feel like saying, Right there. No, a little over.

4. Fittinginto thejeans you never thought you would.

These True Religion jeans that have stayed in yourcloset for almostseven years might feel a little snug, but theres a sick satisfaction you get when yourskinny jeans finally fit.

Im not surewhy we do this to ourselves (i.e. holding onto clothes because they might fit later), but dont act like you dont have a pair hidden in your closet, too.

5. Eatinga piece of pizza that changes your life.

I can say with 100 percent honesty that pizza is better than sex. Pizza is better than any food, for that matter, especially when youre hungover or on your period.

6. Gettinga compliment on theoutfit you werent quite sure about.

Guys will never know the struggle we face when dressing up. We arent doing it for you. Were doing it for ourselves and for all the girls who are going to check us out.

Girl: That choker with the high-waisted jeans is bomb.

Me:*Girl crush swoon*, Thank you!

Yup, thats a great feeling.

7. Paying your bills on time and still having money in your bank account.

It might only be $25, but I have three jars of salsa in my fridge, so I shall be well fed until my next paycheck.

I am anadult who makes her own money and pays those bills, yall.

Side note: Mom, couldyou transfer me some money?

8. Finishingall the shows on your DVR in one sitting.

I just powered throughsix episodes of Real Housewives of New York, two episodes of New Girl and three lame but necessary episodes of WAGS.

Do those girls contour every day of their lives? I dont know, but I plan on spending the next 12 hours finding out completely on my own.

9. Achievingthe perfect buzz during brunch.

You know what Im talking about: You order the French toast and eggs Benedict, and that mimosa just soothes your soul.

Its like nothing and no one can stop you. Youll ruin it by ordering three more mimosas, of course, but for now, youre in heaven.

10. Receivinga sweet text from your BFF, just because.

She just knows when to send me a text, like after my boss gets onto me and I just cannot handle the day.

Thanks, BFF. You know the exact thing to say to make me feel happier and less insane.

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